Family Dreams

This page is dedicated to the things we would like to experience while traveling in the Scholl Bus. Our girls have been very creative in coming up with their own lists, they know that anything is a possibility here. The list will be changing as we come up with new ideas, it is in no particular order. If you can point us in the direction to make any of these dreams come true, please let us know. Who knows, maybe we can help you make some of your dreams come true along the way too.

Jody’s Dreams:

  • Complete the steam school at Rollag Minnesota
  • Learn how to cook many different dishes at a campsite
  • Improve my grilling and smoking abilities
  • Learn how to develop apps for iOS/Android
  • Write a book
  • Work with a blacksmith
  • Learn how to make pottery on a wheel
  • Work on a small lobster boat
  • Large amounts of deep sea fishing
  • Learn about Mycology (mushroom identification, location and cooking)
  • Wildcrafting
  • Go salmon fishing

Chasity’s Dreams:

  • Witness the Northern Lights
  • Experience a Redwood forest and hug a redwood tree
  • Find a Community  with a bit of land to settle on and Homestead
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter and wildlife rehabilitation center
  • Visit with friends and family and have great conversations and connections
  • Watch bears fish for salmon
  • Watch the colors of the sunrise and sunset in many different landscapes
  • Learn to make Cheese
  • Wildcrafting
  • Go to a Hoop camp and attend some hoop meetups
  • Inspire others to live their DREAMS
  • Eat local and in season foods

Lydia’s Dreams:

  • Hand milk cows or goats (or both)
  • Assist animals with giving birth
  • Assist with animal rescue/rehabilitation
  • Ride horses, work on a ranch
  • Hunt for fossils
  • Fish for Salmon
  • Treasure hunt with a Metal Detector

Lilah’s Dreams:

  • Meet a fairy godmother and become a princess for a day
  • Create a video about animal conservation
  • Help turtles on a beach
  • Snorkel in the ocean
  • Paint at the beach
  • Mine for precious jems and stones
  • Be a Surfer girl
Laini’s Dreams:
  • Learn to ride a bike by herself-ACCOMPLISHED!
  • Snorkel in the ocean
  • Paint lots of pictures
  • Go on a treasure hunt
  • Learn how to cook new things
  • Learn how to surf


7 responses to “Family Dreams”

  1. Wanda Burnell Avatar
    Wanda Burnell

    Jodi-What a neat bus you have! I worked the same shift as Chasity at Amazon last fall. Saw on your dreams you’d like to work on a small lobster boat. We’re in Stonington, ME for the summer working at a campground but thought I’d let you know that about the first to middle of July ads started appearing in the paper for help on boats and/or the docks. There are about 300 boats that come into the harbor here. It’s a beautiful place!

  2. Marta Avatar

    Thanks, and I sure will stop by–looking forward to it!

  3. Jody Avatar

    Wow Marta, this information is great! Thanks for welcoming us to the area and giving us a good place to start our adventure here. We will be metal detecting on the beach for sure, so I will cut you in if I find a pirates fortune 🙂 We have at least 100 pounds of rocks we have been hauling around with us, so I am sure we are going to add another pile of them here. Be sure to come by and see us up at Kilchis while we are there, we would love to chat.

  4. Marta Avatar

    Well, since I know your new area, I can tell you (Lydia and Laini), that you are in the land of many famous and also little know treasure hidings. One is north of you at Neah-kah-nie, where legend has it that a pirate ship crashed on the rocks there a long, long time ago. After it crashed, they dragged their treasure chest up to the mountain (or onto the dunes?), and buried it! the story is that they killed a man and put it on top, because the Indians were watching and the pirates knew that the Indians would not dig up the treasure because they do not want to disturb the bones of the dead!

    And for years and years, ever since that time people have been searching for that treasure! I have been going to that area since I was born–50 years; and when I was young like you, there were men who would dig with equipment into the sands looking for the treasure! Also, there were ‘treasure rocks’ there, but they were moved to the Tillamook County Museum, which is near you. You should go to the museum and see if the rocks are there! But, I have heard that they are missing–I’m not sure about this.

    And there are many more stories about hidden treasures in the very areas where you are now! If you like, I can suggest some books. But be sure to look up the Neah-kah-nie treasure on the internet and read about it! Also, there is a movie called Tillamook’s Gold that (sort of) tells the story of the treasure (but it’s sort of fiction, too).

    And to Lilah, I will suggest a book called ‘Gem Trails of Oregon.’ I have this book and it’s very good. There are a lot of interesting gems, rocks and minerals in Oregon, and in the area that you are now in! The book is well organized into areas and what to look for; as well as how difficult the hunt will be and what equipment you may need. With the good weather here, you could have rockhound daytrips!

    Have fun in Oregon!

  5. Carolyn Trout Avatar
    Carolyn Trout

    Chastity we sat at the same luch and break table,,,,Roy is my husband,,,,was wondering if you have contacted Bear Country yet, and if you have heard from them let me know and I can also get intouch with James as I have not talked to him yet, we have been for the most part dodging bad weather, or sitting in bad weather, but we are down in Terlingua now and have been for the past week, leave tomorrow to go to our jobs at the resort. Most of our friends are going to be moving down there too as Roy was able to get them a good deal better than what they have here,,,,but am hoping that we can stay in touch to a degree, love the blog, and everything that you write about, you are living such a wonderful life, and your girls are so lucky to have you two for parents,,,,,they are really getting an education in just traveling and seeing differant people, cultures, country, lifestyles…..there is so much that even at my age I learn by just doing what we are doing….take care and hope to hear back from ya carolyn

  6. Hi Chastity - Avatar
    Hi Chastity –

    I’m at Big Chief RV park as well. I have to say, I was aghast when you guys first pulled into the park, but what a cool trip you guys are on! Bravo! You guys could have a reality show – then you could accomplish all your goals and dreams and make enough money to put all the girls through college! LOL!! If not a show – you at least have to write a book. Or make a documentary. I’m sure if you just do the videos, you could find someone to edit it for free. I’m in a slow period with my school work for the first time since I arrived at Big Chief. Would love to be able to talk to you guys before we leave.

    Bev #8B – the gold, black and grey Allegro Bus

  7. jan adolf Avatar
    jan adolf

    Chasity, we are living next to you in Big Chief RV by amazon. It sounds like you need a trip to Alaska. We lived there for 33 years. I am an artists who has painted many pictures of the northern lights. I’ll be glad to share them with you . We can make a date at the laundry room, if you want. Our family is big on adventures too.

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