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Happy Moments at the Lake – Brewer Lake, ND

While at Brewer Lake we enjoyed much needed tranquil down time and besides the fishing, this is how it looked…. Lots of painting, crocheting, reading, and taking in the the beautiful scenery and wildlife. One morning we discovered a beaver had came up from the lake to begin gnawing on a large tree. Zen got a mohawk and the girls enjoyed interacting with the garter snakes. Lydia lost a tooth (without any drama!) and the girls were thrilled to receive packages of goodies.  I braided my hair and hung out in the hammock with my gal Laini. On one of our trips to Fargo to grocery shop we found a little farm stand where we discovered a heart shaped beet 🙂 We also spent some time collecting some insects to sell, and had a little contest in the middle of it all.  We enjoyed the company and farm fresh eggs of the camphost until it was time to travel up the road.

Washing Clothes

The lake was the perfect place to use our Breathing Mobile Washer to clean our clothes.  The nearest laundry was a 45 minute drive, and we arrived with a mountain of laundry!  The breezy, very dry, conditions usually had the clothes dried in no time.


Here is a video of the Breathing Mobile Washers being used, along with our newly acquired antique hand-crank clothes wringer.



Buffalo River State Park – Minnesota

We decided to stay at Buffalo River State Park while attending WMSTR (Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion). We wanted to have electricity and not have to be concerned with keeping our batteries charged to run the refrigerator while at the show.  When we called ahead to get reservations the campground was full because of the show at Rollag, and because it was labor day weekend, but they had some spots that were non-reservable so by arriving early on Thursday we were one of the first to  claim an open site.

We spent long fun days at Rollag and were glad to have a quiet little piece of the long grass prairie to return to at the end of the day.  The girls had fun playing with a very large and plump green caterpillar they discovered on a tree.  The Buffalo River meandered around behind the campground, and provided a nice place to splash for a couple of hours.  The ground squirrels and garter snakes gave them something to chase around too.  This is a nice place to stop for a while, and is definitely on our list of places to stay during the show in the future.