Author: Jody R. Scholl

  • 2013 Sugar Beet Harvest – Hillsboro, North Dakota

    2013 Sugar Beet Harvest – Hillsboro, North Dakota

    We didn’t spend much time traveling from Oregon to North Dakota after our summer in the shadow of Mt Hood.  I had planned to return for my second year at the Sugar Beet Harvest, but I had been asked at the last minute to fill the Night Shift Deep Freeze Yard Foreman position in the […]

  • Quick Stops in South Dakota

    Quick Stops in South Dakota

    We rolled through Wyoming and made it to South Dakota to our campground, which happened to be within sight of the Crazy Horse mountain.  We didn’t go to the monument since we could see it from our campsite, I am sure it would have been interesting for the adults, but the kids weren’t excited about […]

  • Leaving Yellowstone

    Leaving Yellowstone

    We enjoyed our short time in Yellowstone National park, but we had to get to North Dakota for the Sugar Beet Harvest.  As we were leaving Mammoth Hot Springs Campground, on the North side of the park, we had some visitors to see us off.  The Elk were in the peak of mating season, so […]