Bus Sightings

Where have you SEEN the Scholl Bus?


If you happened to see the Scholl Bus somewhere along our travel path, let us know when and where you saw us in the comment section below.  If you have a photo you shot of the bus or crew, SEND it to us and we will share it on this here.

We would like to use this kinda like a Guest Book, so give as much info in your comment about your interaction with us as you can.

Did You:

  • Eat at the bus with us? (What were we eating?  It may remind me what I want for dinner.)
  • Smell what we were grilling? (Yes, we tend to eat often, so that is a good chance to catch us.)
  • Get behind us going up a hill?  (Glad you got to enjoy us for such a long time)
  • Fish with us? (What did we catch?)
  • Hike with us? (Where did we go?)
  • Work with us? (What did we do?)
  • Chat with us? (Good conversation?)
  • Have kids that liked to hang with ours? (The girls love both new and used friends, according to Laini)

Have fun, be real, watch smoke, from our Grill…


From a literal Bus Follower on my solo trip to North Dakota for the 2014 Sugar Beet Harvest.


22 responses to “Bus Sightings”

  1. KP Avatar

    Just passed you on I-90/94 East in Wisconsin around mile marker 87!
    Good luck on your travels!

  2. Kurt Daniel Avatar

    Passed the bus on an uphill just after the I81 and I26 overpass on the way through Kingsport TN , August 20th around 6pm! Really neat find, like a moving Geocache!

  3. Melissa Ruf Avatar
    Melissa Ruf

    Seen the bus on US 27 N in Richmond, IN on August 21, 2014. Wasn’t sure what exactly the bus was so I Googled it. Your bus is very interesting! Be safe

  4. keith greene Avatar
    keith greene

    Hello guys! Got behind a really strange bus today. You!I was traveling on 19-e just past Roan Mt. Tn. I passed you guys on the passing lane called white head hill. I was the guy in the older olive greene jeep with the top off. Saw your scholl bus.com on the back and looked u up out of curiosity. Well, enjoy your travels and stay safe.

  5. Kevin Eldridge Avatar
    Kevin Eldridge

    Saw the bus taking exit 1 off Interstate 26 in Kingsportt, TN and turning on Stone Drive headed west.

  6. Tara Avatar

    It was a pleasure meeting y’all in Charleston and even more a pleasure to spend time at the farm and make kimchi. Let me know how it turns out! Give the girls my love. Keep in touch! I can’t wait to connect on the road again once my schedule slows down and we have more time to connect and explore.

    1. Jody R. Scholl Avatar
      Jody R. Scholl

      We had a great time hanging out with you and hope you are able to get some much needed rest soon. Our bus smells like the making of a quality batch of kimchi, so we have a lot of dressed up meals in the near future. Hope to be able to hang out again soon, feel free to stop by anytime you are in the area.

  7. L. Terry Avatar
    L. Terry

    Happy New Year! Saw your bus on the highway traveling home from VA to GA. Should have taken better note of where exactly we were. Y’all were pulling off at an exit near a Camper World store.

  8. Marie Tucker Avatar

    Sighting Green River Campground Campbellsville Ky …Was simply amazed at your RV ……..Glad U are a Happy Camper !

    Safe Travel From Marie and Staff and Green River Resort Rv Park

  9. margie Avatar

    We spotted your bus in a campground in VA a while back, beginning of April, 2012 (?) , took some pictures of the conversion.. always wondered who put the camper up on top.. happy trails..

    1. Jody Avatar

      Are you sure it was Virginia? We haven’t been in VA with the bus yet, but we have been very close.

      1. mj Avatar

        Very well could have been VA, just off 95, we were heading Florida to NY and just spent the night….Happy Trails

        1. Jody Avatar

          My guess is Yemassee, South Carolina since we were there for two weeks.

  10. Derrick West Avatar
    Derrick West

    We seen you guys checking out the World’s Only Corn Palace or as locals like to call it the World’s Biggest Bird Feeder. We had to go around the block and get a picture, we love the grill and the Double Decker!!!!!!!!!

    1. Jody Avatar

      We had a good time there and are very glad we stopped. It has been a long travel day, we are rolling thru Fargo now. We are glad you enjoyed the Bus.

    2. Becky C Avatar
      Becky C

      For 2 weeks now I have been telling everyone about this blue school bus that I saw parked at Walmart in Mitchell, SD. It was at 7:30 a.m. You were pulling a trailer with a brown van on it that had flowers on it. That caught my eye first. Then it was the pop-up camper on top that stopped me in my tracks. I have told this story over and over and over. Then I find your Blog. Can’t wait to prove to everyone that I was not seeing things. Very cool! Thanks for the conversation piece. 🙂

  11. Phil and Rudee Avatar

    spotted you guys driving North on Hwy 16 passing by the Crazy Horse Memorial yesterday 9/18/2013 . We are work camping here and I was manning the entrance gate when I looked up and saw you driving by.

    Safe travels,

    Phil and Rudee

  12. Jinger Burton Avatar
    Jinger Burton

    Saw the bus at Colter Bay in Grand Teton National Park on September 15, 2013.

  13. Russ Thallheimer (Jug) Avatar
    Russ Thallheimer (Jug)

    Tollgate campground in the Mount Hood National Forest!

  14. Tom Bair Avatar
    Tom Bair

    On Thursday, July 11th, 2013 — I brought my friend Teri out to camp for a week or so at Tollgate campground just east of Welches, Oregon. Since you great folks are the campground host, the lovely Chasity came by to ‘collect the rent’ for the spot we chose. While trying to get through the process, the three wonderful daughters, with newfound friends in tow; came running up to show Chasity a large moth they had discovered. Poor Chasity was caught in the middle … she had business to do, yet the children were excited and it was a wonderful learning experience for them not to miss. Teri being a teacher, and myself knowing the importance of home learning, we both tried to encourage the girl’s Mom to give her full attention to them and discuss the moth.

    It was going pretty well, until the youngest daughter noticed me smoking my pipe. She was fascinated with it, it was as if she had never ever seen anyone smoking a pipe before. I tried my best to explain to her why she never wanted to smoke, that only old people did it and it wasn’t healthy for you. It was comical, me trying to explain to a fascinated little girl the evils of tobacco! I think she was most impressed with the carved designs in my Dr. Grabow Grand Duke pipe … lol.

    I am so pleased that the Scholl Family is taking advantage of a wonderful way to educate their girls in the best way possible, by SHOWING them the history and the landmarks around the United States. I took a photo of the bus because I was fascinated with the genius of putting a tent trailer on top of the bus. (I’ll be sending the photo via email so everyone can enjoy it).

  15. Jody Avatar

    Thanks so much Marta, we are excited to be here for the summer and can’t wait to explore the area with our girls. They are able to see so many wonderful things on our journey, and we are going to have the time to take a much closer look at the NW Oregon area.

  16. Marta Randall Avatar
    Marta Randall

    Hello Scholl Family,

    We saw your bus and family checking into the Barview Campground today. We had checked out the camping spots available for my daughter’s coming weekend campout, and she talked to you at the check-in booth! While I was waiting, I checked my phone and it said your network was there, with the name–that’s how I knew you had a dotcom. At any rate, you will have a great gig at Kilchis River! Beautiful!

    My daughter loved your girls’ hair and thought they were such sweet girls! She told me that the top of the bus pops up! We talked along our travels after that, and I commented her that I think it’s very brave and lovely for people (such as yourselves), to have the courage and interest to find an alternative and (in my mind) successful way of living!

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