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  • Steam Shovels = Smiles

    Steam Shovels = Smiles

    I had been looking forward to attending the 2014 Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion since the beginning of the year.  I attended the show for the first time with Chas and the girls in 2012, and had hoped to go last year but we were still in Oregon during the show.  I arrived at the […]

  • Time to Get This Scholl on the Road

    Time to Get This Scholl on the Road

    August had been a goal that seemed to creep up slowly.  A lot of craziness was scheduled to happen, but we had no idea just how crazy it would be.  The date I needed to be in North Dakota for the 2014 Sugar Beet Harvest was set for September 2nd, and my plan was to […]

  • June 2014 East Tennessee Crank-Up

    June 2014 East Tennessee Crank-Up

    The show started when we arrived, as usual, and set the bus up for the weekend.  Chas decided she wanted to raise the pop-up by herself, so I didn’t want to argue.  She managed to get it set up in just a few minutes, so we were able to relax that evening. These two grease monkeys […]