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  • Rabbit Stew and Snow

    Rabbit Stew and Snow

    I have been listening to folks complain about the cold and snow all across the country since November.  I thought I could bring a little smile to everyone, whether you are tired of the cold or not.  February brought some new additions to our critter clan, which led to some photo opportunities as usual.  One […]

  • Baby Bunnies and Snake Skins in July

    Baby Bunnies and Snake Skins in July

    NOTE:  This post contains a few graphic images near the end, viewer beware… The produce on the farm began overflowing in the fields.  Our table at the farmers markets looked full, and a CSA was started to help with some of the extra.  Ten families in the Charleston area were delivered 10# boxes of produce […]

  • April – The Arrival of Tiny Bacon

    April – The Arrival of Tiny Bacon

    The rabbit condo I built a few posts back is fully occupied in April.  We learn before the end of the month why rabbit wire is thicker than chicken wire.  We used chicken wire to build a perimeter fence around their condo so we could move them around the gardens and allow them to “graze”. […]