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  • February on the Farm

    February on the Farm

    NOTE:  This post contains images of animals that were hunted, killed, and consumed.  Viewer Take Note… As I said in the previous post, I took the Farm Manager position at Halve Ewe Herd in South Carolina.  It was an unexpected change of plans, but we have learned to roll with those in the past couple […]

  • Leaving Yellowstone

    Leaving Yellowstone

    We enjoyed our short time in Yellowstone National park, but we had to get to North Dakota for the Sugar Beet Harvest.  As we were leaving Mammoth Hot Springs Campground, on the North side of the park, we had some visitors to see us off.  The Elk were in the peak of mating season, so […]

  • Oregon Campfire Cooking

    Oregon Campfire Cooking

    Our summer in Oregon came with many first time experiences. Although cooking over a fire was by no means new to us, 3 meals a day being prepared this way for 3 months was a new adventure for sure. Our host site, at Tollgate Campground, had a stone fireplace that was built in the 1930’s […]