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  • Goodbye Oregon, Hello Idaho

    Goodbye Oregon, Hello Idaho

    We left our summer home in the Mt Hood National Forrest the first week in September.  I had been asked to get to the Sugar Beet Harvest as soon as we could so I could get settled in to my new Night Shift Foreman position at the Hillsboro, ND, beet piling yard.  We thought we […]

  • Splinters Happen – Caution:  Graphic BooBoo Pictures Enclosed

    Splinters Happen – Caution: Graphic BooBoo Pictures Enclosed

    I am going to start this one out by saying DO NOT LOOK if you are squeamish at the sight of blood and gore…  You have been warned… This evening started out like many others this summer in The Hood…  I had left the campground on my rounds through our other campground we were responsible […]

  • Edwards Air Force Base

    Edwards Air Force Base

    While at the Saxon Air Force Museum in Boron, California, we met an awesome couple whose names escape me since it was over a month ago.  We began talking, and I mentioned I would love a tour of Edwards Air Force Base.  We were told that public tours were no longer offered since 9/11, and […]