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  • How Much Gold Did We Discover?

    How Much Gold Did We Discover?

    If you read our Eureka! We Found Gold! post, you already have an idea that we found some gold along the American River.  The question remains, how much gold did we find?  Well, you are about to find out, but first some additional information about how we found the gold. The crack I chose to […]

  • Eureka !   We Found Gold !

    Eureka ! We Found Gold !

    While hanging with our pal Greg Mulac in Quartzsite for 2 months, we (okay, mostly me) were hit with the Gold Bug.  I had always been interested in gold prospecting, so having Greg provide some professional advice on how to do so, I began to purchase a few tools of the trade.  We found the […]

  • Welcome to Coloma, California

    Welcome to Coloma, California

    Heading North on Hwy 99 through central California was a nice drive.  We left the Sequoia trees behind and made a few stops on our way to the Ponderosa Resort, a Thousand Trails park.  We were excited to learn about the local history, and try to make some history of our own in the area. […]