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  • Thanksgiving Request

    Thanksgiving Request

    If you go out shopping tomorrow on Black Friday, please do something for me.  Go up to every employee you come across and say THANK YOU.  They don’t hear it enough, and tomorrow is the hardest day of the year for retail workers.  Your offering of thanks may be the only one they get on […]

  • Running From Kansas for Christmas

    Running From Kansas for Christmas

    After leaving Amazon, we headed for Oklahoma City.  With a winter storm coming, we decided stop in OKC for Christmas and enjoy the campground we found with an indoor pool and hot tub.  The day after we arrived, we decided to take the girls ice skating in downtown OKC.  They had never been before, so […]

  • Christmas Letter to Santa

    Christmas Letter to Santa

    Dear Santa,  NOTE: Please read the entire letter prior to eating the milk and cookies, we are trying to teach our children the benefits of following directions exactly.       This wish list is being typed by a tired father just hours before Christmas morning is here. My children, as you know, are too small […]