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  • Happy Moments at the Lake – Brewer Lake, ND

    Happy Moments at the Lake – Brewer Lake, ND

    While at Brewer Lake we enjoyed much needed tranquil down time and besides the fishing, this is how it looked…. Lots of painting, crocheting, reading, and taking in the the beautiful scenery and wildlife. One morning we discovered a beaver had came up from the lake to begin gnawing on a large tree. Zen got a mohawk […]

  • Insect Collection = $$$

    Insect Collection = $$$

    After watching my sister and her kids have fun (and make money) collecting insects to sell to a feller in Texas, we decided to give it a shot.  Paul, the owner of, provides insects to museums, collectors, scientists, and students for study.  Every insect we send him has to be catalogued and filed for […]