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  • Rabbit Stew and Snow

    Rabbit Stew and Snow

    I have been listening to folks complain about the cold and snow all across the country since November.  I thought I could bring a little smile to everyone, whether you are tired of the cold or not.  February brought some new additions to our critter clan, which led to some photo opportunities as usual.  One […]

  • A Day of Loss

    A Day of Loss

    Today we suffered a tough loss in the bus crew.  Emmie Lou Scholl, our beloved Shih Tzu was hit by a car today at the farm.  She didn’t suffer, which we are thankful for, but Lydia saw it happen so it is extra hard on her.  We have no idea what kept attracting her to the other […]

  • Icy February Into Flaming March

    Icy February Into Flaming March

    March on the farm required a lot of ice storm clean up and prepping of the gardens for spring planting.  We also fired up the drip torch and managed some controlled burns.  The burns are necessary to remove the undergrowth before it gets so dense that an accidental fire would be too intense and kill […]