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Amazonian Adventure – 2013

After the North Dakota Sugar Beet Harvest, we made a quick trip to Campbellsville, KY to work for an Amazon Fulfillment Center.  In 2012 we worked for Amazon in Coffeyville, KS on our way West.  The KY location got us back in close proximity of family, so the first road trip I took as soon as we had our site set up was to visit my mom in her nursing care facility in Wilkesboro, NC.  She was happy to see us after a little over 1 year without a visit.  She still beat me at our ritual Uno card game.


We didn’t get many pictures of our camp site on the lake, most of them involved me smoking something on the grill.  The girls had fun with some other kids that were camped close to us.  Chas and I stayed tired working opposite shifts to keep someone with the girls at all times.


We had some cold windy nights in the campground, even a small tornado that passed just a few miles from our campground.  I was thankful for our spot down by the lake, the hill behind us shielded us from the straight line winds.  Emmie found a good spot to relax on a basket full of laundry, she tends to do that at every possible opportunity.  I made a treat one morning by adding an Oreo to her espresso

We had a few critters visit us during our stay at the park.  The eight legged variety visited me while in the shower at the campground bath house.  I am glad it didn’t eat me, I think it could have, those are 12″ tiles with ½” grout lines.  Every morning when I went to take a shower, usually around 5:30 am, I had to be on the lookout for an odoriferous campground guest that probably should have been in the shower instead of me.  It is a little alarming to walk around the corner and almost step on that stinky little guy while still half asleep.

Our Amazon season came to a close, and we headed to the NC mountains to spend Christmas with my family.  We were glad to get some much needed rest, and ready to eat some good food, the grill on the bus helped with that again.

Wintering in Quartzsite, Arizona

We arrived in Quartzsite at the beginning of January, it seemed like it took us forever to get here.  It was right at sunset so we just hooked into power and waited until morning to get the bus set up.  We unhooked the trailer and parked it beside the bus, and had our site ready within a few minutes the following morning.  The girls were happy to have the pop-up as a bedroom again, we had not raised it up since we left Kansas on the 24th of December.

Lilah had her own excitement here while causing the tooth fairy to get a second job.  When we arrived, she had a mouth full of teeth, she kept wiggling them and asking everyone in the family to pull them.  I pulled 2 with pliers, one by hand, and Lydia pulled one.  Lilah loves spending her tooth fairy money on anything sparkly, which is dangerous at a massive rock and gem show.

We decided after the long trip to get here, we needed to reduce the size of Lydia’s rat cage.  We found a cage that was much more sturdy than the average rodent cage, but it had to be modified to keep the little critters from escaping.  Lydia helped me cut some wire to wrap the new cage and make it more secure.  We arrived with two rats, Pearl and Ellie, but we had to have a burial ceremony for Ellie a few weeks after arriving.  Lydia was heartbroken, but she made it through with the help of two new baby rats, Citrine and Opal.  We have so many laugh every day due to the crazy things the rats do.  They are great pets, and the whole family enjoys having them around.  They are very difficult to take pictures of since they rarely sit still.  Almost every picture we get is blurry and furry…

Story Contest

We are in a story contest called “Life In An RV” on a friend’s website… Please follow this link and read my story, be sure to leave a comment and vote for my story so I have a chance to win the contest.

Thanks for voting, and don’t forget to check out the other stories too..

This post is short and sweet due to the lack of energy from our hard work this week at Amazon.  We will resume in a few days with more detailed posts about our adventures in Kansas and surrounding areas…