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  • Amazonian Adventure – 2013

    After the North Dakota Sugar Beet Harvest, we made a quick trip to Campbellsville, KY to work for an Amazon Fulfillment Center.  In 2012 we worked for Amazon in Coffeyville, KS on our way West.  The KY location got us back in close proximity of family, so the first road trip I took as soon […]

  • Wintering in Quartzsite, Arizona

    Wintering in Quartzsite, Arizona

    We arrived in Quartzsite at the beginning of January, it seemed like it took us forever to get here.  It was right at sunset so we just hooked into power and waited until morning to get the bus set up.  We unhooked the trailer and parked it beside the bus, and had our site ready […]

  • Story Contest

    Story Contest

    We are in a story contest called “Life In An RV” on a friend’s website… Please follow this link and read my story, be sure to leave a comment and vote for my story so I have a chance to win the contest. Thanks for voting, and don’t forget to check out the other stories […]