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  • Where Did We Go?

    Where Did We Go?

    You may have noticed the lack of updates to this page, well there is a reason for that.  We decided several months ago to put down some roots in South Carolina.  The bus has been parked until we find some land to purchase in the near future. We are currently renting a house that gives […]

  • Brown Water?

    Brown Water?

    To finish out our posts about Oregon, I have to include something about the brown water.  The water in our campground came from a well, it was safe to drink according to the monthly testing.  It was a bit hard to swallow though because it came out of the faucets with a brown tint and […]

  • Location, Location, Location

    There has been a lot of speculation recently about where exactly we are.  We are running way behind on blog posts due to poor internet all summer, and crazy work schedules during October at the Beet Harvest.  The posts really are coming, but now we have a full schedule at Amazon in Kentucky, so we […]