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We are working at a park in Oregon with no cell or Internet for the month of May. We will reply to messages as we can when signal is available.  The park is absolutely beautiful, with the most crystal clear water in the river that I have seen anywhere.  When you can see a fishing lure sitting on the bottom of an 8 foot deep pool in the river, it is clear by my standards.  We have been enjoying watching a bald eagle sitting on the trees over the river just behind the bus, and we even watched it land in the river and drink.

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Washing Clothes

The lake was the perfect place to use our Breathing Mobile Washer to clean our clothes.  The nearest laundry was a 45 minute drive, and we arrived with a mountain of laundry!  The breezy, very dry, conditions usually had the clothes dried in no time.


Here is a video of the Breathing Mobile Washers being used, along with our newly acquired antique hand-crank clothes wringer.