Category: Short Stories

  • Christmas Letter to Santa

    Christmas Letter to Santa

    Dear Santa,  NOTE: Please read the entire letter prior to eating the milk and cookies, we are trying to teach our children the benefits of following directions exactly.       This wish list is being typed by a tired father just hours before Christmas morning is here. My children, as you know, are too small […]

  • Story Contest

    Story Contest

    We are in a story contest called “Life In An RV” on a friend’s website… Please follow this link and read my story, be sure to leave a comment and vote for my story so I have a chance to win the contest. Thanks for voting, and don’t forget to check out the other stories […]

  • A Sad Little Poem

    Here is a little poem written today, the events described in the poem are very true. Ode to the plastic house that sits strong and proud; It serves small venues and even a crowd. The familiar blue water so inviting and cool; Its the only place you should ever poo in the pool, With a […]