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  • Welcome to Kilchis River County Park – Oregon

    Welcome to Kilchis River County Park – Oregon

    When we arrived at the Kilchis River County Park in Tillamook, Oregon, we were looking forward to a month of new experiences.  The first experience on our agenda, however, was to do laundry.  I set the wringer up on the back of our trailer, and the girls jumped in to play in the water.  It […]

  • Heading out of the Mountains

    Heading out of the Mountains

    When we first left the mountains we stayed at a park in Old Fort, NC.  We had this whole park to ourselves which was a great way to start things off.  We enjoyed the warmer weather and greater presence of spring.  The Bus still needed some of Jody’s handiwork and Gravy snuggled up to be […]

  • Fun Project – 65 Shelby Cobra

    Here is a video I made a while back. This is the Cobra I had a large part in completing just after our move to NC. I designed the grille insert and the layout for the valves in the exhaust pipes that switched from straight pipes to dual mufflers under the frame for cruising through […]