Category: Vehicle Repairs

  • Replacing the Trailer Deck

    Replacing the Trailer Deck

    As soon as we bought our used trailer in Kentucky last summer, we knew we would have to replace the deck soon.  After getting into this project, I am amazed we actually used it as long as we did.  The boards were not pressure treated, so they dry rotted away.  I had to be careful […]

  • Repairs on the Road

    Repairs on the Road

    The campground in Quartzsite, Arizona, was filled with objects that could be the end of tires.  We had to replace tubes in several bike tires due to cactus thorn damage.  Blondie, the Mercedes, also required a repair due to a puncture of some kind.  I have had the tire plug kit in our vehicle for […]

  • Daddy, The Bus is Bleeding !

    Daddy, The Bus is Bleeding !

    The saga continues after a night in the Walmart parking lot.  If you are not familiar with how we got to Deming, New Mexico, I recommend you read the Running From Kansas for Christmas post.  I got up early in Deming, arranged stuff for travel, and started the bus to allow it to warm up. […]